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Intelectual Propety

At Mizuki Tochigi, we greatly value and respect the realm of intellectual property. Our designs, images, logos, and all creative content featured on our website are the intellectual property of Mizuki Tochigi and are protected by international copyright and trademark laws. This includes both registered and unregistered rights.

Usage Restrictions

Any reproduction, distribution, or utilisation of our intellectual property without explicit written permission from Mizuki Tochigi is strictly prohibited. This encompasses but is not limited to, copying, modifying, replicating, or creating derivative works from our designs, images, or other content. Unauthorised use not only infringes on our rights but also compromises the integrity and uniqueness of our creations.


We understand that there might be situations where you would like to share or feature our products. In such cases, we encourage you to contact us for proper authorization. We are often open to collaborations and partnerships that align with our brand values.

Reporting Violations

If you come across any instance of unauthorised use or reproduction of our intellectual property, we kindly request you to notify us immediately at contact us page. Your assistance helps us maintain the integrity of our brand and protect our creative efforts.

Respect for Others

Just as we hold our intellectual property in high regard, we also respect the intellectual property rights of others. We make every effort to use only content that we have the appropriate permissions or licences for. If you believe that any content on our website infringes on your intellectual property rights, please get in touch with us promptly so we can address the matter.

Our Commitment

At Mizuki Tochigi, we are committed to fostering a culture of respect for intellectual property. We believe that creativity should be acknowledged, protected, and celebrated, and we extend this principle not only to our own work but to the broader creative community as well.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in upholding the principles of intellectual property. Your support helps us continue to create unique and meaningful pieces that contribute to the world of jewellery and sustainable design.

Warm regards, 


Founder, Mizuki Tochigi

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