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  • Can I request a specific ring size?
    Absolutely! We handcraft all our rings, allowing us to create pieces tailored to your exact ring size. During checkout, please provide your ring size. If unsure, visit a local jeweller for accurate measurements or contact us for assistance.
  • How are your pieces made?
    All our jewellery is handmade by me, Mizuki, using recycled sterling silver or ethically sourced materials. I prioritise sustainability and creativity in every design.
  • What is the shipping cost?
    The shipping cost is £8 per package within the UK mainland. We strive to deliver your order securely and promptly. To see more detail please read our Shipping Policy.
  • How long does it take to dispatch a made-to-order piece?
    Made-to-order pieces take 4-6 weeks to dispatch, depending on the season and design intricacy. We appreciate your patience and assure you of the highest quality.
  • Will my silver jewellery change over time?
    Yes, it's normal for silver jewellery to undergo a natural change in appearance over time due to factors like the environment and regular wear. This doesn't affect the quality of the jewellery.
  • How can I keep my silver jewellery looking its best?
    To maintain your jewellery's shine, follow these tips: Store it in an airtight container when not in use. Avoid contact with chemicals, perfumes, and lotions. Remove before swimming or bathing. Gently polish with a soft cloth to restore shine. Embrace the unique charm of its evolving look. With proper care, your silver jewellery will continue to shine and enchant.

For any questions, concerns, inquiries, feedback, or assistance, please contact us.


We're here to help and ensure your experience with Mizuki Tochigi is delightful and memorable.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!


Warm regards,



Founder, Mizuki Tochigi

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